Jacqueline Roschack-Morard

(unbenannt)Jacqueline Roschack-Morard

Jacqueline Roscheck-Morard studied violin at the Conservatory in Freiburg and Genf, where she made her “Diplomeksamen für Virtuositet” with distinction. As a research fellow from the Migros Foundation, she studied forward at the University of Music in Vienna, with E. Merkus and G. Pichler (Primatus in the “Alban Berg Quartett”), to make her Viennese-sound perfect.

She has given numerous concerts as a soloist and musician of chamber music in the whole of Europe and the Near East. She has worked with renound soloists such as Rudolf Buchbinder, Henryk Szeryng, and Boris Pergamenchikof. She has participated at the “Concentus Musicus”, under the leadership of Nicolaus Harnoncourt, and been Consertmaster for different Viennice chamberorchestras. Not at least, she has a number of times been a soloist and koncertmaster at the “Wiener Concertverein”.

Since 1985, Jacqueline Roscheck-Morard has been firstviolinist in the “Wiener Bohème Quartett”, as well as soloist and leader of the “Wiener Opernball Damenensemble”. With Unnur Astrid Wilhelmsen (soprano) as soloist, she has had conserttours and participated in a number of international festivals, among others in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. With her two ensembles, Jacqueline Roschack-Morard has also done a series of radio-, television- and CD-recordings.

Jacqueline Roschack-Morard has taught violin at the University of Music in Vienna since 1986, where in 2000 she was appointed to universityprofessor. She is also firstviolinist and head of the “Wiener-Strauss Company”, which also has had Unnur Astrid Wilhelmsen as their soloist. “Wiener Strauss-Company” consists of members from the world famous “Wiener Symphoniker”.