"Wiener Opernball Damenensemble"

"Wiener Opernball Damenensemble" (Vienna Operaball Ladies Ensemble) was founded in 1984 by their leader and primo-violino Prof. Jacqueline Roscheck-Morard, and the name was a result of their annual performance at Austria's largest ball event: The world famous Operaball in Vienna. A large demand for concerts followed this commitment. Abowe all to be mentioned, the apparitions at the Vienna Palace, Vienna Hofburg, and the collaboration with the well-known events of "Klangbogen". On request the ensemble has visited countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Italy, the Near East, Poland, France, Norway and Iceland.

"Wiener Opernball Damenensemble" consit only of female musicians, who next to performing in professional orchestras(such as the N.Ö. Tonkünstlerorchester and the orchestra of the Wiener Volksoper), have found together to entertain the audience with wienermusikk from the silver - and the golden age, including viennece songs and operetta, at a high artistic level.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes abowe all compositions from the Strauss-dynasty, as well as pieces of F, Lehár, C. Ziehrer, J. Lanner, E. Kálmán, J. Schrammel and R. Stolz. Astrid Wilhelmsen is the ensemble’s soprano-soloist, and the ensemble are placing great emphasis on acting in beautiful, collorfull, authentic costumes. "Wiener Opernball Damenensemble" is a popular ensemble, which their numerous radio- and television-engagements bear witness about.

The number of the ensembles components varies from a minimum of four to an utmost of thirty elements. On request, all concerts with great dancers.


Jacqueline Roscheck-Morard (violine)- made her “Diploma of Virtuosity” with distinction in Genf and studied forward at the University of Music in Vienna to make her Viennese-sound perfect. She has given numerous concerts as a soloist and musician of chamber music in the whole of Europe and the Near East. Not at least, she has a number of times been soloist and concertmaster at the “Wiener Concertverein".

In 1984 Jacqueline Roscheck-Morard founded the “Wiener Opernball Damenensemble” to whom she is soloist and leader. With Unnur Astrid Wilhelmsen (soprano) as soloist, she has had conserttours and participated in a number of international festivals, among others in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

2000 Jacqueline Roscheck-Morard was appointed to professor at the University of Musik in Vienna. She is also firstviolinist and head of the “Wiener-Strauss Company”, which also has had Unnur Astrid Wilhelmsen as their soloist. “Wiener Strauss-Company” consists of members from the world famous “Wiener Symphoniker”.

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